This is the only place to go if you are looking to get laser, cosmetic, or skincare treatment. The staff and doctors here are very friendly and knowledgeable. You feel very welcomed here and it gives you that reassurance you will be taken care of 100%. Not to mention their prices are very fair!


I arrived at Laser Sheer with the intentions of getting laser hair removal. I was pleasantly surprised with the expert knowledge the employees shared, and they took the time to give me a free conciliation to ensure I was completely educated & confident with the treatment. I got a beard line-up and it was fantastic. It was a very quick precedure that took 5-10 minutes each time @ 6 treatments. Since my last treatment I haven’t experienced any hair growth in the treated areas. They gave me an excellent price as well! Pleasantly surprised, I would definitely recommend Laser Sheer!


Took the training course.Loved it and really appreciated the instrictor’s guidance and sincere desire to see you succeed! Thanks Vicki!