Through the use of Cutera’s Laser Genesis system we gently treat scars, pigmentation variations and wrinkles to rejuvenate your facial appearance.

The Laser Genesis system is a comfortable, non-ablative, non-invasive form of skin therapy that produces results without the unwanted side effects of bruising or excessive skin irritation.

The procedures are comfortable and work to remodel the collagen around the scar(s).

The light generated from the lasers targets the cells in the scar tissue. When the cell absorbs energy, it is stimulated to become active and productive. What happens is these fibroblast cells absorb the light energy and repair defects in the skin by producing collagen and remodeling to fit the body where the scar was formed. Within about a week the scar tissue will start having a improvement with final results taking place within 2 to 3 months. A series of 6 treatments is recommended for best results.

Skin revitalization and resurfacing treatments continue to be a mainstay in aesthetic industry ranking among the top 5 non-surgical laser and light-based procedures. In 2017, micro-ablative skin resurfacing treatments were up 99.5%1, showing the increased interest in minimal downtime procedures that yield favorable outcomes.

Beautiful Skin. Beautiful Opportunity

The market for skin revitalization and resurfacing procedures is expected to continue growing as a large number of aging baby boomers in the U.S., Europe and Japan want to look and feel younger. Although women aged 30 to 65 make up 80% of all skin resurfacing patients, trends indicate that patients are getting procedures younger.2

Cutera Skin Revitalization and Skin Resurfacing Solutions

With many modalities available today for skin revitalization and resurfacing, Cutera has developed a range of clinically proven solutions uniquely paired with a patient’s lifestyle and skin concerns.

Our minimal to no downtime skin revitalization procedures – Laser Genesis and PICO Genesis – are perfect for busy, on-the-go individuals who are interested in combating the early signs of aging to reveal a new, radiant complexion.

For individuals interested in improving the signs of aging, Cutera’s skin resurfacing solutions dramatically improve years of accumulated sun damage, wrinkles and age spots safely and effectively.

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2. Medical Insight, Inc. “THE Global Aesthetic Market Study XV May 2017

Skin Revitalization and Resurfacing Results